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WEX-V8 Single Port Wall Charger Issue

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Brand: Weilixun

Name: Quick charger 

Model: V8

Input: 110-240V/AC    50-60HZ 0.3A Max

Output: DC 5V , 2.1A

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High Quality and Secure USB Wall Charger is compatible with most USB devices. Safe and Premium Performance: Compatible phone model: - Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus S9 Note 8, LG G6 G5 V30 V20, Google Pixel 2 Nexus 5X 6p, Nintendo Switch, MacBook GoPro5 OnePlus 5 3T 2 HTC U11 - Google, Moto Z X G, BLU. ZTE, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony, and More Mobile Phone, Tablets. Specification: - Color: white - Input: AC110-240V 50/60Hz - Output: DC 5V/2. 1A - Interface: adopt the integrated injection molding technology, stronger. 

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